Since 1 July 2014, we officially launch our latest concrete innovation, Jayamix Super Concrete. It developed by our expert technicians of Jayamix and supported by reliable experience of SCG. This innovation is a solution for several building problems, such as corrosion, dusty concrete, segregation, concrete slump is too low or too high, and concrete need more water.
Jayamix Super Concrete has four classes: K-225, K-250, K-275, and K-300 that suitable for housing, ruko and apartment.
Furthermore, there are 5 advantages of Jayamix Super Concrete:

1. High Flowability.
2. Labour Saving.
3. Easy working and pouring.
4. Fast and less time for pouring.
5. Cost Saving.

With using this product, If you use concrete 150 cu.m, you can save your money up to Rp 6.480.000 per project.
Jayamix Super Concrete will make your project more efficient and effective.

“Jayamix Super Concrete ….. Cost Saving Super Easy Working”